Lewin, Philip John - Diamond Love & Other Realities

Format: LP
Label: Gargoyle Records BWM-102
Year: 1976
Origin: Cortland, New York, USA - Toronto, Ontario
Genre: folk
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1970's


Side 1

Track Name
Fear of Flying
Don't Ever Tell Me to Leave
Diamond Love

Side 2

Track Name
A Friend of Mine
Hanging Around and Waiting
Other Realities
Drummer's Lament
bonus track



Diamond Love & Other Realities


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...The a-side here is late-nite loungey 70s SSW fare with a jazzy/funky flare done to perfection. in some strange time-space filter it comes out sounding vividly real vs. dated/cheesy. He lets the tracks really drift... i haven't heard alot of stuff like this. Side 2 is a bit folkier - A Friend of Mine / Hanging Around Waiting are both shorter songs in a Dylan-ish angry folk mold and kinda of break the spell you're under after the stoney looseness that leads up to it. He gets back to it on "Other Realities" and "Drummers Lament" and over-all its a pretty spooky record. The guy is definitely a head, and definitely a weird cat and I really dig where he took this ethereal midnight spaced lounge jazz stuff. Like Justen O'Brien + Jake it quickly becomes a much heavier record than you had initially imagined... Toni, the gal vocalist is fabulously cool and lets notes go flat and plays it stoned natural realness. Like tripping with your middle aged neighbor after he's been through a divorce. Mature and sensitive but still pretty weird....Most unusual and relaxed but twilight zone mix of smooth but not slick lounge jazzy sounds with off key at times vocal, female voice weaving through, cool organ that gets mystical, the opening track "Fear Of Flying: is particularly eerie. Like a soak in a surreal hot tub. Private pressing on Gargoyle records from Canada. Mentioned in Acid Archives.

This album has been digitally remastered for 2011 release exclusive to this site. Please support Phil Lewin by buying this album.
-Museum of Canadian Music


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