Lamond, Mary Jane - Làn Dùil

Format: CD
Label: Turtlemusik 268 842 00420
Year: 1999
Origin: Kingston, Ontario
Genre: folk, celtic, gaelic, Folklore Cape Breton
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Celtic traditional, 1990's, Cape Breton


Track Name
A Mhàiri Bhòidheach
Fàill Ìll Ò Ro
Mo Mhaili Bheag Òg
An Nochd Is Trom Tha Mo Cheum
Cha Tig Mòr Mo Bhean Dhachaidh
Mo Ghille Mór Foghain'each
A Mhòrag's na Horo Gheallaidh
Nach Till Thu Dhòmhnaill?
Seallaibh Curraigh Eòghainn
Crodh air a' Bhruaich
Ill ù ill ò illean's ò



Làn Dùil


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"Lamond’s interpretations are conscientious and articulate, giving each song its most lucid and truest expression. The arrangements are traditional and played on acoustic instruments, recorded with great attention to detail that result in an intimate mood."
-Dirty Linen

"Storas flows with centuries-old tunes brought to life by Lamond’s soaring acoustic band and her masterful weaving of understood emotion layered through sparkling nuances. Lamond glides from milling songs to laments to jaunty dance numbers… all retain a glimmer of melancholy, resonating long after they’re over."
-Illinois Entertainer

"She wraps traditional Gaelic songs in contemporary treatments, a veritable postmodern pastiche.
-Sing Out Magazine

"Lamond’s use of modern instrumentation and arrangements provides a beautiful framework for these treasures, but it is her vocal performance and delivery that makes these selections truly come."

"A marvelous collection of milling songs, laments, reels and love airs. With text and tunes spanning more than three centuries, its success is largely due to the varied arrangements that surround Lamond’s warm, diction-delectable voice."
-JWR Reviews

"…it possesses a character all its own, and an adventurous and engaging spirit."
-Dirty Linen


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