Kay, John - All in Good Time

Format: LP
Label: Mercury 3715
Year: 1978
Origin: Germany - Toronto, Ontario
Genre: rock hard
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
Give Me Some News I Can Use
The Best Is Barely Good Enough
That's When I Think of You
Ain't Nobody Home In California
Ain't Nothing Like It Used To Be
Business Is Business
Show Me How You'd Like It Done
Down In New Orleans
Say You Will
Hey I'm Alright



All in Good Time


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This was my third solo album and the first one recorded outside California, namely Muscle Shoals, Alabama, which at that time was a hot bed of recording activity. Since most of my musical influences are of southern origin, I looked forward to this experience and I was not disappointed. In addition to working with such fine musicians as Clayton Ivey, keyboards; Roger Clark, drums and Bob Wray, bass, as well as the Muscle Shoals Horns. I had the pleasure of once again playing with Steppenwolf alumni Larry Byrom , lead guitar. After quick rundowns we had tape rolling and in no more than 3 weeks the LP was mixed and done. It has that slinky, funky groove and lazy feel which I admired so much on many of the recordings from Muscle Shoals and Memphis. With a couple of minor exceptions I still enjoy the music on this record and it remains one of my favorites to this day...


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