Jeremy dormouse toad rejects front


Jeremy Dormouse - Toad Rejects

Format: LP
Label: Mortimer Music
Year: 1967
Origin: Ontario
Genre: folk, psych, acid
Value of Original Title: $700.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Rarest Canadian Music, 1960's, Folk


Side 1

Track Name
blackberry quadrille
queen of the black wish
fire light
battle of new orleans
she's droppin down
one more drink
can't find you anywhere
bye bye love

Side 2

Track Name
freight train
birds of joy
hesitation blues
what joy - what bliss
you can't go back
hollywood heaven
fly around my pretty little miss
rollin' again
the immortal st. canthor



Jeremy Dormouse - Toad Rejects

Jeremy dormouse   toad rejects label 01

Jeremy Dormouse - Toad Rejects LABEL 01

Jeremy dormouse   toad rejects label 02

Jeremy Dormouse - Toad Rejects LABEL 02

Jeremy dormouse toad rejects front

Toad Rejects


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Recorded in 1967. 200 copies pressed. nice acid folk/psych. Refer to Jeremy Dormouse. homemade silkscreened label. Contrary to the opinion of some collectors, the "Rejects" LP was the last of the three sessions, and the covers were completed by friends in Peterborough while I was visiting Britain for the first time. Many of these sessions were recorded at the country home of Cisco using his old tack piano, or at the home of Peter and Lynn "Moonbeam" Cragg and occasionally featured the formerly uncredited bass playing of Bob Boucher (Jesse Winchester) etc. musicians, writers, etc - jeremy dormouse, stu cisco waddlebone, peter & willowby moonbeam, r. gullison, rev. orval rutabaga & fiddlin zeke zilch, p. grady. director - c. jewel, artists - d. gorman, b. sweetman, morale - m. jensen.


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