Huron, Peter & Joe - From Huron In

Format: LP
Label: Plant A Tree Records
Year: 1985
Origin: Barrie, Ontario
Genre: jazz
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, Jazz


Side 1

Track Name
Coffee Cup

Side 2

Track Name
A Slight Riff



From Huron In


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Peter (bass and vocals) and Joe Huron (guitar) are brothers in family terms, and brothers in jazz. This LP, From Huron In (recorded in 1985), features the brothers Huron with Art Ellefson on sax, Rick Bobbette on drums, and Liz Dixon on vocals. The album was released on Plant A Tree Records, which is an appropriate, considering some of these tracks came together in the brothers' heads while tree planting in Ontario. Nice to see the tree planters are also such remarkable musicians.

I'm not sure what Peter is up to these days, but I found Joe's MySpace page. He's still playing guitar with a trio in the Barrie area of Ontario. Coffee Cup is a groovy piece with Peter and Liz sharing vocal duties. It bops along at a nice pace, and has a great guitar breakdown at the halfway point. A Slight Riff lets Art Ellefson shine a bit, with a sweet sax track.
-Kevin McGowan


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