Harlequin - Victim of a Song

Format: LP
Label: Columbia PCC 90566
Year: 1979
Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1970's, Rock Room, Manitoba


Side 1

Track Name
Sweet Things in Life
What's Your Name?
Victim of a Song

Side 2

Track Name
You are the Light
Who Knows (What a Love Can Do)
Shame Shame
Turn Around
Barely Alive


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Harlequin - Victim of a Song

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Harlequin - Victim of a Song


Harlequin - Victim of a Song


Victim of a Song


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George Belanger: lead vocals
Ralph James: bass
Gary Golden: keyboards
David Budzak: drums
Glen Willows: guitars

Harlequin got its start in Winnipeg in 1975 when Ralph James, David Budzak and Gary Golden got together to form a band; experienced musicians all, the lineup solidified with the additions of George Belanger and Glen Willows. Constant touring in the bars and clubs helped refine their sound and hone their chops.

In 1978 they attracted the attention of producer Lachlan Macfadyen of Jack Douglas's production partnership Waterfront Productions in Canada (who, along with Canadian partner Kent Daubney had all been members of The Liverpool Set). Macfadyen approached the band at the Gasworks in Toronto and signed them to a production deal on the spot. He then spent a few years demoing the band and shopping a record deal for them. They were finally signed to IGM in 1979 and Macfadyen seemed the natural choice to produce the debut album, Victim Of A Song. The first single off the album, "Survive", became a small radio hit.

Jack Douglas would take over production reigns for album numbers two (Love Crimes) and three (One False Move). With the true hit potential of songs like "Innocence", "Thinking Of You", "I Did It For Love", and "Superstitions Feeling", Harlequin's popularity as a concert draw increased as they did opening slots for the likes of Streetheart, Loverboy, April Wine, and BTO.

The band split in 1985. For the band's 'best of' package (Radio Romances), George Belanger recorded a new Harlequin single written by David Bendeth and Tom Cochrane called "(It's) No Mystery" with a host of session players (including Jorn Anderson, Lou Pomanti and Bendeth).

Various versions of Harlequin have frequently reunited in the Canadian west to capitalize on the classic rock packages now popular on the Canadian club scene. George Belanger still fronts a revamped version of the band.

with notes from Corey Macfadyen


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