Hagood hardy and the montage st cbc front


Hardy, Hagood & the Montage - ST

Format: LP
Label: CBC Radio Canada LM 81
Year: 1970
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: jazz, latin, soft rock
Value of Original Title: $350.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Jazz, CBC Radio Canada LM Series, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
Eli's Coming
Come Saturday Morning
Travelling Down to Make it Town
Scarboro Fair
If I Could

Side 2

Track Name
Nica's Dream
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Once I Loved



Hagood Hardy & the Montage - ST


Hagood Hardy & the Montage - ST


Hagood Hardy & the Montage - ST

Hagood hardy and the montage st cbc front



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Hagood Hardy released a total of 18 albums, this groovy soft jazzy pop album wasn't their first, but is easily their most sought after. The album was released by the CBC LM 81 and was unauthorized for broadcast except for CBC owned and operated stations. The album was recorded at Studio G at CBC Toronto on August 10 and 11, 1970. It was produced by Dave Bird & Jack Budgell. The recording engineer was Ian Jacobson. The technical Assistant was Harold Lane. The cover photo was by Herb Nott Photography. The band members (from left standing: Lynne McNeil, Stephanie Taylor, Gary White, Dave Lewis, and Hagood Hardy is sitting. The tracks are: Eli's Coming (Laura Nyro)/ Come Saturday Morning (Previn/Karlin)/ Traveling Down To Make It To Town (Doug Riley)/ Aquarius (Galt McDermot/Ragni/Rado)/ Scarboro Fair (Simon/Garfunkel)/ If I Could // Hideaway (Barbara Moore)/ Nica's Dream (Horace Silver)/ Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Simon/Garfunkel)/ Once I Loved (Gilbert/Jobim/DeMoraes)/ You (Doug Riley).

liner notes: Fusion...a congenial mingling of rock, jazz, Latin rhythms and romantic ballads --- is the style that hundreds of pop bands are chasing after these days. But Hagood Hardy arrived there ahead of them all. He draws on his astonishingly varied back-ground, years with George Shearing, Herbie Mann and Martin Denny, jingles sessions and rock record dates. And he mixes in the diverse talents of his little band: Stephanie Taylor and Lynne McNeil, vocals Gary White on bass and Dave Lewis on drums. And he chooses a repertoire from among the most happily contemporary composers, from Horace Silver to Laura Nero. Anf he comes away with a record that offers, at it's most inventive and exciting, Fusion. end liner notes.

Hagood Hardy was born in Indiana, USA, but came to Oakville, Ontario, Canada sometime between being one year old and eighteen years old, depending on whether the writer is Canadian or American. Most of his albums will sell for $1 or less, but this one will cost you the same as a small, used Pontiac with bald tires and a rusty radio that plays Hagood Hardy over and over, but every now and then plays an Anne Murray song.
-Robert Williston


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