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Hannam, John Wort - Dynamite and 'Dozers

Format: CD
Label: Spirit River JWH-040502
Year: 2004
Origin: Jersey Channel Islands, UK - Fort MacLeod, Alberta
Genre: folk, roots
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
Blue Collar
Church of the Long Grass
Dynamite and ‘Dozers
Above Ground
3 Cylinders
Eddy Fitzgerald
50 Miles
Dickson’s Slough
The Ballad of Nellie and Joe
Gysies Grove
Cracked Hands
Blue Collar


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John's second full-length studio album “Dynamite and ‘Dozers” was again recorded at Homestead Studios in Edmonton. Again Barry Allen lent his production and sound engineering expertise.

John's second kick at the can produced a much more mellower and folkier recording of 13 original tracks.

While the CD opens and closes with the acca pella song “ Blue Collar ”, what has come to be known as John's signature sound, the rest of the album is grounded in a country-folk feel that mostly highlights songs about John's small town prairie surroundings.

There are tribute songs such as “ Church of the Long Grass ”, a nod to the beauty and spirituality of Southern Alberta's Porcupine Hills, “ Dynamite and ‘Dozers ” an homage to the last remaining grain elevators and “ Gypsies Grove ” remembering the hobo jungle that existed in the 30's just a few blocks from John's house. Other songs such as “ 3 Cylinders ”, “ Dickson's Slough ”, “ Annabelle ” and “ 50 Miles ” are songs built around the characters too often seen in small town Canada. A highlight is John's duet with Edmonton's Maria Dunn on the love song “ Ballad of Nellie and Joe ”

Again John is joined by his regular sidemen Tyler Bird on bass and harmony vocals and Brad Brouwer on drums and percussion. Other guest musicians include Mike Lent on double bass, Rusty Reed on harmonica, Gary Bowman on piano, John Woroschuk on dobro, Curtis Appleton on banjo, Chad Melchert on drums, Shannon Johnson on fiddle, and John Rutherford on banjo-uke.


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