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Hanker - In Our World

Format: LP
Label:  Cult Metal Classics CultMetal 004 (Greece)
Year: 2002
Origin: Ste-Ann de Beaupré, Québec
Genre: heavy metal, rock
Value of Original Title: $100.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1990's, Quebec, Metal


Side 1

Track Name
I'd Like To Know
Bloodbath In Heaven
In Our World
Gardeners Of Pain
Cradle Of The Night
Disturbing The Brain

Side 2

Track Name
Fight The Light
Staring At The Rain
Pay No More
Lethal Liar
This Could Be Heaven
Rain Of Death


Hanker   in our world %28greek reissue%29 label 02

Hanker - In Our World (Greek reissue) LABEL 02

Hanker   in our world %28greek reissue%29 label 01

Hanker - In Our World (Greek reissue) LABEL 01

Hanker   in our world %28greek reissue%29 back

Hanker - In Our World (Greek reissue) BACK

Hanker   in our world %28greek reissue%29 front

In Our World


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Quebec, Canada's curiously named heavy metal band Hanker got their start in 1985, but would have to wait nearly a decade before releasing their debut album, In Our World, in 1994. A very respectable first outing it was, too, with vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist Pascal Cliche, guitarist Patrick Gravel, bassist Martin Jones, and drummer Jean-Francois Fillion revealing obvious but perfectly adequate influences from Iron Maiden, Jag Panzer, and other classic metal bands. These influences carried over into the band's sophomore effort, The Dead Ringer, three years later, which, like its predecessor, had to be financed and released by the band themselves, in lieu of any record company interest. That finally changed when 2000's Snakes & Ladders found Hanker hooking up with Metal Disk, and then Skyscraper Records for 2004's Web of Faith album. The latter pair also introduced a new rhythm section of bassist Denis Cossette and drummer Luc Guay.
-Eduardo Rivadavia, Allmusic

reissue of the 1994 self-released CD. Limited and hand numbered edition of 500 copies. Includes insert.

Pascal Cliche: vocals, guitar
Patrick Gravel: guitar, backing vocals
Martin Jones: bass
Luc Guay: drums

Engineered by Yves (Doc) Drolet
Produced by François Godbout
Mixed by Yves (Doc) Drolet and François Godbout
Mastered by Bill Kipper


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