Marty gillan   try a little kindness front


Gillan, Marty - Try A Little Kindness

Format: LP
Label: CBC Radio Canada LM 77
Year: 1970
Origin:  Belfast, Northern Ireland, 🇬🇧 - Elliot Lake - Geraldton, Ontario - Chilliwack, British Columbia, 🇨🇦
Genre: country, rock, folk
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Rarest Canadian Music, CBC Radio Canada LM Series, Folk, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Try a Little Kindness
You've Made Me So Very Happy
If You Go Away
Sweet Caroline
One Act Play (Howie Vickers (The Collectors))

Side 2

Track Name
Yesterme, Yesteryou, Yesterday
Home from the Forest
Time and Love
Raindrops Keep Fallin'
She's a Woman (Terry Frewer)
I Ain't Done Yet (Theme from the T.V. Series "The Manipulators") (Bobby Hales)


Marty gillan   try a little kindness back

Marty Gillan - Try a Little Kindness BACK

Marty gillan   try a little kindness front

Try A Little Kindness


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The variety of music on this album is a cue to the versatility of Marty Gillan. The styles range from rock through folk to tender ballads like "Lalena". For his first album, this young Vancouver entertainer has chosen four tunes by Canadians (three of them Vancouverites). "She's A Woman" is by guitarist Terry Frewer; "One Act Play" came from Howie Vickers, former lead singer with the Collectors; and "I Ain't Done Yet" is Bobby Hales' theme from the T.V. series "The Manipulators". The rest of the music needs no introduction except a mention of the great arrangements by Doug Parker and Bobby Hales.
-liner notes

Produced by George Laverock
Engineered by Don Hardisty and Don Reagh
Arranged by Doug Parker, Bobby Hales, Bryan Morrow and Dave Robbins
Recorded on March 25 and 31, 1970 at Studio A, Vancouver, British Columbia and at The North Vancouver Centennial Theatre

Photography by Richard Woo


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