Garfield   strange streets


Garfield - Strange Streets

Format: LP
Label: Mercury SRM 1-1082
Year: 1976
Origin: Toronto, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: pop, rock soft
Value of Original Title: $5.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Ontario, Soft Rock Room, 1970's


Side 1

Track Name
Strange Streets
Give My Love to Anne
Someday if You're Lucky
Above Market Street
Old Time Movies

Side 2

Track Name
Nanny's Song
Ride the Waves
Catch You Next Time 'Round


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Garfield - Strange Streets (1)

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Garfield   strange streets

Strange Streets


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Garfield's debut album is by far their most competent, mainly because the band was still enthusiastic after being signed by Mercury Records after they were spotted opening for 10cc. Strange Streets contains a handful of back-alley rock that gains a slight amount of novelty from Garfield French's nasally vocals and from the flute and synthesizer work of Chip Yarwood. The affectionate "Give My Love to Anne" was a Top 40 single in Canada, while "Old Time Movies" was a minor hit, combining a bit of folk-rock sentimentality with a surprisingly emotive French at the helm. Songs such as "Strange Streets," "Nanny's Song," and "Next Time 'Round" were similar to Prism's and Ian Thomas' material in their structure and light rock feel, but unlike those artists' work, Garfield's songs harbored a certain bar band ambience and amateurish demeanor that was too transparent to conceal. The lengthy "Eyes" picks up a lot of energy from the brilliant keyboard segments, but the rest of the track is weighed down by its prosaic '70s rock formula. Garfield's next album entitled Out There Tonight had the band running out of ideas, and after two more releases, the group finally called it quits.

Garfield French: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Dennis French: drums, tympani, chimes, vibes, percussion, background vocals
Walter Lawrence: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric cello, background vocals
Chip Yarwood: flute, electric flute, synthesizers, vibes, background vocals
Paul O’Donnell: guitars, harmonica, banjo, organ, synthesizer, background vocals
Maris Tora: bass, background vocals
Jaques Fillion: keyboards, background vocals
Bob Hill: piano, background vocals

All Selections written by Garfield French
All selections published by Garfield Songs
Produced by Elliot F. Mazer for the Super Record Productions Company
Recorded by His Master’s Wheels
Engineered by Elliot Mazer & Smiggy
Mastered by George Horn & Phil Brown

Art direction by Jim Schubert
Cover Painting by James Hribar
Photography by Barry Neubauer
Design by Joe Kotleba

Management: James A. Smith and Associates, 117 Manor Road East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Heartfelt thanks to Sandra, Leo, Willy, Alembic


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