The fifth tears london


Fifth - Tears b/w Wild Thing

Format: 45
Label: London M 17358
Year: 1967
Origin: Gimli, Manitoba
Genre: rock, pop
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Singles
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Wild Thing


The fifth wild thing london

Fifth - Tears b/w Wild Thing

The fifth tears london

Tears b/w Wild Thing


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The Fifth formed in Gimli, Manitoba. The band moved to Winnipeg and eventually signed with London Records. Their first single, "Yesterday's Today" became a regional hit and received the Lloyd C. Moffat Award for Best Canadian Produced Rock Recording in 1968 managing to place #93 on the charts.

At the time of the award the band was flying high on their second legitimate hit "Tears" which placed even higher at #64 on the charts.

Rene had played with The Quid; Winter had been in Gettysburg Address; Master had played in 5 A.M. Event who tried unsuccessfully to conquer the UK with a failed single on Pye before returning to Winnipeg; Belanger was recruited from Chopping Block.

After the band split up Belanger, Grabowski, Watts, Johnson and Sellar formed The Next(and later added Ksionzek on bass); Winter joined The Guess Who as did Master, though, in a later Jim Kale incarnation; Belanger later joined Harlequin; Rene joined Minneapolis band The Litter.
-Vic Giggani, Colvin Don, Doug Donahue and Rick Smith

Ron Schmidt: vocals
Jim Grabowski: keyboards
Melvyn C. Ksionzek: lead guitar/bass
Barry Zabiak: drums
Richard Gwizdak: bass
Doug Love: lead guitar
Craig Hamblin: drums (replaced Zabiak)
Kurt Winter: guitar
Ralph Watts: guitar (replaced Winter)
Ron Rene: vocals (replaced Schmidt)
Vance Master: drums (replaced Hamblin)
George Belanger: vocals (replaced Rene)
Brian Sellar: bass (replaced Ksionzek)
Al Johnson: drums (replaced Master)


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