Etulu etidlouie today's thoughts front


Etidlouie, Etulu - Today's Thoughts

Format: LP
Label: CBC Northern Service, World Record Corp. WRC1-1486
Year: 1978
Origin: Cape Dorset, Baffin Island
Genre: Inuit
Keyword:  Inuit
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Inuit northern songs, CBC Northern Service and Related Recordings, Indigenous Canada


Side 1

Track Name
Udlumi Isumait (Today's Thoughts)
Taitsumanili (Long Ago)
Ayuqsanartumik (Hard Times)
Surusiutidlunga (When I Was a Child)
Ananaga Inuyunnairmat (My Mother's Gone)
Uvattinnut Ilauyumaviit? (You Want to Come Along With Us?)

Side 2

Track Name
Kisiani Inuit (Only the Inuit)
Ananaittuqatikkaukua (Other Motherless Children)
Uinirulutuinnaria (Get Married, I Don't Care)
Piqatiapigainna (My Wonderful Woman)
Qimusipakkaluaravit (The Dog Team)


Etulu etidlouie today's thoughts back

Etidlouie, Etulu - Today's Thoughts

Etulu etidlouie today's thoughts front

Today's Thoughts


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Etulu is a famous Inuit sculptor, best known for his carved loons, often in flight, as well as for his carvings of resting wolves. He is the son of the late Cape Dorset graphic artists Etidlooie (1911-1981) and Kingmeata Etidlooie (1915-1989).

Etulu Etidlouie: guitar, vocals
Serge Bougie: drums
Dougie Trineer: bass, Arrangements

Engineered by Ray Lemieux
Produced by Les McLaughlin and Johan Kelly
Cover photo by Joe Fiorito
Cover Design by Valerie Johns

recorded at CBC Frobisher Bay and Marc Studios, Ottawa


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