Electric Roaches - 1-2-5 b/w Don't Wanna Know

Format: 7"
Label: Aller-Retour Records AB-01
Year: 1985
Origin: Montréal, Québec (Rick Kitaeff)
Genre: garage
Value of Original Title: $25.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: The Garage, Quebec


Track Name
1-2-5 (The Haunted)
Don't Wanna Know



Electric Roaches - 1-2-5 b/w Don't Wanna Know


Electric Roaches 1-2-5


Electric Roaches Don't Wanna Know


1-2-5 b/w Don't Wanna Know


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Axis was a band that formed in 1966 and played rock and garage music in and around the the local circuit in Montréal, Québec. They disbanded in 1969 without a recording to their credit. In 1985, they set history straight and reformed under the name The Electric Roaches, with a different drummer. They laid down a couple of superb interpretations including their own unique version of the Haunted's "1-2-5". The b side is credited to Ronnie bird, but in reality the music is a knock-off of " I Can't Give You Everything" with original lyrics.

500 copies of the single were pressed, but only 150 were pressed with the picture sleeve because the original master of the sleeve was lost, "probably in a taxi due to too much beer that night". About 20 of the sleeves were hand colored by the band and signed on the back by the guitar player and the financial producer (shown below). The photo on the picture sleeve was taken in 1967.

This picture sleeve was their only release for the Aller-Retour Records label. There was another session in studio later with Johnny Monks (The Haunted singer), but the tape is nowhere to be found.........
-Robert Williston


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