Diane dufresne fleur de lis


Dufresne, Diane - Opèra Cirque à part de d'ça j'me sens ben

Format: LP
Label: Barclay B80172
Year: 1973
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: rock, freak
Keyword:  Québec
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
A part de d'ca
Rock pour un gars d'bicyc
Le tour du bloc
On tourne en rond
J'me sens ben

Side 2

Track Name
La fin de la monde est pour aujourd'hui
Attention la terre
Le dernier show
Le signal final
La joute des etoiles
On n'a pas l'temps
Le cirque est fini
Comme des chiens
Valse triste
La marche nuptiale des condamnes a mort



Diane Dufresne - À part de d'ça, j'me sens ben

Diane dufresne fleur de lis

Opèra Cirque à part de d'ça j'me sens ben


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Diane Dufresene's recording career began with an obscure single in 1970, and her first real break came with her recording on the erotic underground soundtrack l'Intiation in 1969......but Quebec's most eclectic Diva was really born in 1972 with her total metamorphosis into a flamboyant and theatrical persona which arrived coincident with the release of her first LP Tiens-Toé Ben J'arrive (her first solo collaboration with Francois Cousineau).

Opera-Cirque, her second solo long play, stretched that persona into new territory and into a new dimension.....wild eccentricity, raging apolcalyptic, fiercely Nationalistic, superbly original, controversial stage appearances, nudity (front cover), flamboyancy on another level alltogether.....but always with remarkable results (and long before Madonna attained stardom with her own flamboyant persona).

Due to being too advanced for the common French public, Barclay wouldn't release the album, however in 2008 the newspaper La Presse ranked the album as one of the best 50 Quebec albums of the century. The album has always been a favourite of Robert Williston for as long as he remembers and cracks his MoCM top 100 Canadian albums of all-time. The album must be played loud on vinyl for full effect.

Francois Cousineau: keyboards, arrangements & all compositions
Chris Castle (Aut'Chose, Eclipse, Cousineau): drums
Jean-Guy Chapados (les Baronets): bass
Serge Vallieres (Vos Voisins): guitars
Red Mitchell: guitars
Pierre Ringuet (Ovila, Vos Voisins, Offenbach): drums
Gene Kurtz: bass
Gerry Legault: bass
Robert Leroux: percussion
Luc Plamondon: lyrics
Liebert Subirana (Harmonium): saxophone, flute
Luis Cabassa: synthesizer


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