Va cbc lm 407 front

Cavendish, Cal - CBC Comp 407 comp

Format: LP comp
Label: CBC Radio Canada LM 407
Year: 1974
Origin: Calgary, Alberta, 🇨🇦
Genre: folk, country
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Release Type: Compilation Tracks


Track Name
Beacon Towers
Midnight Shift
Nashville Dream
Three Days Later


Va cbc lm 407 front

CBC Comp 407 comp


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Cal Cavendish is a Canadian singer-songwriter more famous for his "Mad Manure Bomber" stunt than any one album or song of his. That's a darn shame because his first two albums are pretty great Calgary country.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Cal lived a musical upbringing, playing guitar and singing for most of his youth. He became a folk/country balladeer, who has been described as a "Rebel singer / songwriter". His songs are homespun Canadiana, often quirky, and usually thought-provoking.

He launched his recording career in 1969 with the album "Mountain Road" released on the Birchmount Records. The album's title track was well received by radio across Canada and earned a #39 position on the RPM charts in 1969. Cavendish's only other charting single came in 1973 with "The Breath-A-Lyzer Blues", released on COP Records. A second album, "This Is Cavendish Country" was also released on the COP label

Additional single releases came in 1971 with "U-Haul Trailer" b/w "Cajun Boy", the A-side being featured in a video promotional advertisement by the U-Haul Trailer company. Cavendish, who has owned and operated a trucking company, also released the single "Sammy The Sand Truck" b/w "Daddy's Diesel" .

An example of the quirkiness of his material can be found in such song titles as "Sitar Pickin' Man", "The Mobile Philosopher", "Foreign Cows", and similar compositions, all found on his albums.

Cal Cavendish's music and persona has been captured in the 1973 National Film Board feature film, "Cavendish Country", and a more recent stage musical, "The True Story Of Cal Cavendish", performed in Calgary venues, inspired by some risky actions while piloting a plane in downtown Calgary. The incident, in 1975, brought an end to Cavendish's aviation career.


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