Blue Peter - Test Patterns For Living

Format: LP
Label: Ready Records RR 005
Year: 1979
Origin: Markham, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: punk, new wave
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Punk Room, New Wave Post Punk Wave


Side 1

Track Name
Same Old Place
Out With the Boys
Living in the Eighties
Time and Money

Side 2

Track Name
Do the Robot
Cloak and Dagger
Factory Living



Test Patterns For Living


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When Blue Peter formed in 1978 dinosaurs still ruled the earth. Monster rock bands in tight spandex, long scarves and shaggy hair, controlled the airwaves and the clubs. Unless you were a ‘cover’ or ‘tribute’ band, there was simply no place to play - no way to get your music out there. There was no Indie scene then, only giant record companies in high towers with barred iron gates. But around the world a musical revolution had started – a “storm-the-ramparts” movement that declared anyone could play and everyone could participate. Punk turned the world on its ear and opened the door to the New Wave. Blue Peter would become one of Canada’s most popular and influential bands of the New Wave era.

Restored and re-mastered by Peter J. Moore from the original analogue masters, these tracks follow the dramatic growth of this electrifying band with highlights ranging from it’s late-70’s punk/pop days to the sophisticated romanticism of the mid-80’s. Signing with new Indie label Ready Records in 1979, the young band released it’s EP “Test Patterns for Living”. Recorded in one day, this album captures the explosive energy of the times. Included here is the underground hit “Factory Living”, and “Same Old Place” - a three minute bullet aimed at the old attitudes.

The band was in the studio again a year later to record their first full-length LP, “Radio Silence”. Already their sound was maturing, and the subject matter of the songs reflected a growing social conscience. Songs such as Video Verite, Take Me To War and the classic Radio Silence, married the ominous pressures of the Cold War to the politics of personal relationships.

In keeping with the thrust for independence that epitomized the New Wave, Blue Peter went on hiatus from Ready, formed their own company, the aptly named AWOL Records, and released the popular EP “Up To You’. This EP included the hit single “Chinese Graffiti’ which won the CFNY U-Know (Casby) Award for Best Single of 1981.

Returning to Ready Records for their next LP, Blue Peter’s sound now included the layered textures of keyboards, a new-found sophistication and, as always, a readiness to explore and experiment. “Falling”, produced by England’s Steve Nye (Japan, Roxy Music) was Blue Peter’s breakthrough album. Featuring the dance-hit single “Don’t Walk Past” and accompanied by the song’s Blade Runner-inspired video, “Falling” exploded onto the Canadian music scene and brought the band a vast new audience.

Then, in January of 1985, just as the band seemed poised for international recognition, Blue Peter split up. Seven years of non-stop output - including remixes, dub-mixes and club mixes - and a rigorous touring schedule had left the band drained and exhausted.

Included here are demos from Blue Peter’s final sessions, songs being prepared for what would have been their follow-up album: “Vertigo”. The exuberant energy of “Water Off the Moon” and “Equalizer” show a band in its creative prime.

Blue Peter summarizes the ground-breaking spirit of a remarkable era in Canadian music. Today’s vital Indie scene owes a debt to the vanguard bands that came before them, broke down the walls and stormed the gates.

Paul Humphrey: vocals, keyboards
Chris Wardman: guitar
Geoff McOuat: bass
Ron Tomlinson: drums

Written by Chris Wardman


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