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Allan, Chad & Expressions (Allan Kowbel) - Hey Ho What You Do to Me!

Format: LP
Label: Quality V 1764
Year: 1965
Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: $350.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Rock Room, Manitoba, The Winnipeg Scene 1964-1974, 1960's, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
Hey Ho
I Should Have Realized
Hurting Each Other
Made in England
I'll Keep Coming Back
Stop Teasing Me

Side 2

Track Name
Could This Be Love
Theme from a Music Box
Don't Be Scared
Inside Out
Goodnight Goodnight


Chad allan hey hoe label 02

Chad Allan-Hey Hoe LABEL 02

Chad allan hey hoe label 01

Chad Allan-Hey Hoe LABEL 01

Chad allan hey hoe back

Chad Allan-Hey Hoe BACK

Chad allan hey hoe front

Hey Ho What You Do to Me!


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Pre-Guess Who garage beat with strong British Invasion sound. The group was originally named Chad Allan and the Reflections but changed their name due to the American group, The Reflections, who had the hit "(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet". Chad (Alan Kobel) left the group after the 45 release of "Shakin' All Over" to attend college and was replaced by Burton Cummings. Randy Bachman was also a member.

liner notes:

How often have you thought to yourself about a certain group or individual in the entertainment field . . . boy, all they need to really make it big, is that one break. My thoughts about a group here in Winnipeg have been this way for some time, and I was delighted and proud when all their hard work and abundance of talent paid off with that one break called "Shakin' All Over," contained in their first album V1756. "Guess Who" I'm talking about . . . Chad Allan and The Expressions.

This album contains 11 songs, but you can't look at it that way. This album contains a story. A story of hard work, desire, determination, talent and people. It's also the story of a five year, overnight success.

I've listened to this album and we as Canadians can be very proud because it happened here first. Other countries have since released their recordings, but it happened here first.

Chad Allan and The Expressions didn't just happen. Because of the very fine young men they are, their unbelievable musicianship and vocal ability, not to mention their song writing, disc jockeys and millions of fans from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Yukon to Mexico have recognized and applauded them.

In their hometown of Winnipeg, young people and adults alike look up to them and admire them, but most of all, respect them. Other talents who have worked with them feel the same way.

This album contains their latest smash single "Hey Ho What You Do To Me" plus ten others, six of which, have been written by Chad Allan and the Expressions.

This album also tells the story of the future. As their second album it is as powerful as the first, but with a difference. What a wonderful, exciting thing, thinking of what the third will be like. This of course is in the future.

Let us now return to the present and listen. Listen, without guessing, to Canada's Ambassadors of Goodwill . . . Chad Allan and the Expressions
-Daryl Burlingham, Music Director CKY Radio Winnipeg, Manitoba


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