David   dorothy aglukark   inuktitut gospel songs front


Aglukark, David and Dorothy - Inuktitut Gospel Songs

Format: LP
Label: CBC Northern Service QCS 1483
Origin: Arviat, Nunavut
Genre: folk, First Nations
Value of Original Title: $100.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1970's, Spiritual, Inuit northern songs, Nunavut, CBC Northern Service and Related Recordings, Arctic Inuit Pisiq songs, Indigenous Canada


Side 1

Track Name
Jiisusip Piulingmanga (Jesus Saves Me)
Atanira Nagligvagit (I Will Serve Him)
Naglingnirmi (In Jesus Love)
Taipsumani Nutarautillunga (Suppertime)
Jiiusimik Maligumalirnira (I Can't Do What Others Do)

Side 2

Track Name
Uqautijauvunga (Uncloudy Day)
Ataniq Qujagiliqpagit (Thank You Lord)
Qaiqungmanga (He Brought Me In)
Quviasuktunga (I'm Happy To Know)
Akiliksagalaurama (Jesus)
Naglingnirmi (Instrumental)


David   dorothy aglukark   inuktitut gospel songs back

David & Dorothy Aglukark - Inuktitut Gospel Songs BACK

David   dorothy aglukark   inuktitut gospel songs front

Inuktitut Gospel Songs


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The parents of singer-songwriter Susan Aglukark, recorded their only album, an album of gospel songs.


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