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Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba

MINDSTORM is the vision & creation of vocalist Travis Mitchell. MINDSTORM has had many guest stars perform on the recordings and is produced by the Legendary Juno Award Winning Producer Garry Moffet who has been involved from the beginning.

MINDSTORM has had International releases on three albums which were released on various record companies in Canada & the UK. Sales were reported to be much higher in the UK. The band has had some Top 10 Hits on European Radio & also a #1 hit on some Canadian stations as well.

MINDSTORM now has a large catalogue of new material as well as unreleased tracks with new releases coming in 2010.

Travis and the group will be touring in 2010 to support the new "Free N' Easy" disc to be released May 25th, 2010.

KYA Music is also putting together a compilation album titled "Passage Of Time" which is to be released sometime in 2010 as well.

Travis is proud to announce that one of the songs was selected by Ontario Tourism for their new commercial. That song will be featured on the next CD called "No Time For Livin".






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