Midnight Angels

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Origin: La Pas, Manitoba

In the barren lands and Gateway to the North, brothers Don and Charles Nabess lived in the tiny village of La Pas, Manitoba. From the frozen and dark nights arose the high school band 'The Essentials'. The light shun upon them and they were renamed 'The Midnight Angels'. The garage gods enlisted legendary producer Greg Hambleton, who at the time was working on an album dedicated to Canadian mythical creatures (only a single was released - "Ogopogo b/w The Ookpik Song" on Canamyth UTD 101).

Somehow, this garage outfit recorded one of the best (and shortest) garage punk numbers ever recorded in Canada - certainly Manitoba and definitely La Pas! Wondering where La Pas got it's strange name?
Find out here: http://mocm.ca/Music/Title.aspx?TitleId=318081

The Midnight Angels recorded just the one single before forming Three Penny Opera. The track 'I'm Sufferin' appeared on the iconic compilation 'Nightmares From The Underworld #1'. Greg Hambleton went onto a stellar career including producing the Lords of London, writing most of the tracks on Suzann'e album and and creating the Axe Record label, which featured stellar Canadian acts including Thundermug, Steel River, Gary And Dave, Major Hooples Boarding House, Rain and many, many more......
-Robert Williston

Charles Nabess: lead guitar
Don Nabess: rhythm guitar




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Midnight Angels


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