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Origin: Labrador City, Labrador

Presented here is the first rock and roll album released by a Newfoundlander. The band was based out of Labrador City, Labrador and was recorded in 1965 Montreal.

The founding member of the band was William Keating (Conception Harbour, Newfoundland) on lead guitar; Pierre Lajeunesse (St Therese, Quebec) on piano; Maurice Caines (Port Saunders, Newfoundland) on rhythm guitar; and Basil Haire (St. John's, Newfoundland) on drums.

William Keating played with Wilf Doyle's Orchestra and recorded with Rodeo Records and worked at the Iron Ore Company in Labrador City, Newfoundland.

Pierre Lajeunesse studied at the Quebec Conservatory of Music and also worked at the Iron Ore Company in Labrador City.

Maurice Caines worked on the radio in Stephenville and was also employed the at the Iron Ore Company in Labrador City.

Basil Haire was employed as a teacher at Wabush Collegiate, Wabash, Labrador. He has a Bachelor of Arts from St Dunstan's in Prince Edward Island.

This album is a top notch listen from start to finish.
-Robert Williston






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