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Jordan, Keven

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Origin: Egypt - Stratford, Ontario

By the time Keven Jordan hit his teens, he had already lived in Africa, Egypt, and Canada. He was a very creative young man, and interested in many forms of art, including music and acting. He taught himself to play the guitar to accompany his singing and songwriting abilities.

Jordan did the standard club-hopping gigs around Toronto before landing a deal with Sony Music Canada in 1990. A year later, he released three singles, "Just Another Day," "True Believers," and "No Sign of Rain." The latter was also the title of Jordan's debut album. With good reviews and the help of a couple of popular music videos, he walked away from the Juno Awards that year as the winner of the Most Promising Male Vocalist category.

In 1993, Keven Jordan completed a sophomore album, a self-titled offering that didn't do as well as many hoped. While working on it though, he became interested in another art form, the graphic art that was used to design the cover for the album. Within a few months, Jordan mostly gave up his solo singing career to focus his attention on photography and graphic art. He did keep at least a little of himself in the music world, doing some jingles and writing a few songs from time to time.
-Charlotte Dillon, Allmusic

Keven Jordan is a former Canadian pop-rock singer and songwriter, most noted for winning the Juno Award for Most Promising Male Vocalist at the Juno Awards of 1992.

Born in Egypt, Jordan moved with his family to Stratford, Ontario in childhood. He worked for the Stratford Festival as a teenager before moving to Toronto, where he performed locally before signing to Sony Records in 1990. His debut album No Sign of Rain was released in 1991, and had some success on Canadian radio with the singles "Just Another Day", "No Sign of Rain" and "True Believers".

Following his Juno Award win, Jordan began working on his second album. Although the album was released in 1993, he found the creative process difficult and discouraging, and dropped out of the music business after it sold more poorly than expected. One of his last known public performances as a singer was performing "O Canada" at a Canadian Football League game between the Toronto Argonauts and the Ottawa Rough Riders in September 1994. He instead began to concentrate on graphic design work and photography, although he has continued to write songs for other artists and advertising jingles for television and radio commercials.



Keven jordan 0987432432

Jordan, Keven


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