Haughton, Everett

Websites:  http://www.myspace.com/maynstreetmusic, http://www.everetthaughton.com/hotjam1/Everett/Welcome_2.html
Origin: Scarborough, Ontario

Everett Haughton is the president and CEO of Real Joy Music Publishing. He is also the founder of the musical group 'Embrace'. Embrace is a gospel jazz, instrumental and vocal group. As a pianist/keyboardist Everett enjoys exploring many facets and styles of music, his passion is jazz (bebop).

Everett started playing the piano at age 13 with Mr. Andrew Fraser (his grade 7 music teacher) at that age his dream was to be a singer not a pianist. Later Everett studied at The Royal Conservatory Of Music, and then with Brian Harris (Humber College), also with Mark Eisenman, and presently takes master classes with Miki Petkovski.

As a songwriter, his goal is to be true to himself as an artist, with his hope being that the music will be a source of encouragement and strength to the listener.

Everett has worked in many areas of music from television, live concerts including gospel, jazz, pop and R&B, radio and stage plays. Everett is always open to trying and learning.

Everett summed up his experiences and walk by simply saying, "I thank God for this awesome gift of music, and the ability to share this gift with an audience".




Everett Haughton


Haughton, Everett


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