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Gregorash, Joey

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Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Joey's musical career began in the mid 60's with a brief interest in the violin. "My father played and we constantly had those wonderful kitchen parties where he and my musical relatives played till the wee hours. I miss those days! That's where I got my musical inspiration." When the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in February, 1964, Joey's interests turn to rock and the drums. Along with long time friend, John Nykon, Joey formed The Mongrels which became one of Manitoba's most popular bands. "I wish the kids today could have what we had, a place to play and socialize every weekend with hundreds of choices". "Winnipeg was the hotbed of entertainment in Canada! We were like a little Liverpool. I look back and fondly call it LiverPEG!". Joey made the transition from drummer to lead singer one night, when the original lead was removed from the band by his parents, just thirty minutes before a dance for poor school grades. "That was my first induction to the pressure of that show biz phrase that the show must go on!" laughs Joey. There were some interesting lyrical interpretations that night at Maple Leaf Community Club, like Route 66 for example, "Wheh few ev pan a mow wes!" (Well if you ever plan to motor west.) Actually, it was this incident that would begin a journey to some major music success for Joey Gregorash!



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