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Gibson, Luke

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Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Luke Gibson began his professional singing career in the '60s as the lead for Luke & the Apostles. Some other members were guitarist Mike McKenna, keyboardist Peter Jermyn, and drummer Pat Little. As frontman for this Canadian rock act, Gibson completed a few singles. "Been Burnt," released in 1967 under the MGM label, is probably the best remembered.

Gibson and his group crossed over into the United States to open for big timers of the day like the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. In 1967, after the band's one and only hit single, Gibson split from the Apostles, and moved on to Kensington Market. Over the next two years the new group recorded under both the Stone Records and the Warner Bros. labels. Two full-length albums came out of the endeavor, Avenue Road and Aardvark.

In 1970, there was a short rebirth of Luke & the Apostles that included a few new members. In a year's time Gibson was out testing his wings in the solo world with the help of True North Records. He recorded one album on his own entitled "Another Perfect Day" which was accompanied by the single Virginia b/w Frozen In Time. "Frozen in Time" did not appear on the album. After that, Gibson slipped out of the spotlight.



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Luke gibson squared for mocm

Gibson, Luke


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