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Filane, Cosimo with the Breakaways

Websites:  https://www.youtube.com/cosfilanetv, https://www.facebook.com/cosimofilane
Origin: Schreiber, Ontario

Cosimo Filane is a singer and entertainer, as well as a business owner. Although Figliomeni is the true family name, Cosimo adopted 'Filane' (Fi - from Figliomeni, Lane - from one of his favorite singers, Frankie Lane) as a stage name.

Filane has completed six albums, recorded in Toronto and in the US. Some of his tracks were featured on the prestigious CHUM Charts, including his single "My Girl". His first album was released in 1966 and most recent album released in 2020. In 1999, he was featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary series "A Scattering of Seeds", and in 2002 on the CBC series Personal Best. Filane is author of a novel on minor hockey and, in 2009, was named an "RBC Regional Hockey Leader" for his volunteer work with amateur hockey in northwestern Ontario. The Filane family operates several businesses in Schreiber, Ontario: the Cosiana Inn, the Fallen Rock Resort, Hollywood Filane Sportswear & Boxing Gym, Filane's Can-op & Variety, Filane's Dollar 'n' More, Filane's Food Market and Filane's Natural Spring Water.

Cosimo had a love for singing and entertaining since he was a young boy. His singing career has spanned over the last 35 years and he has built a strong following of supporters and is also a household name in the Northwestern Ontario area.

He performs yearly on the Mother's Day telethon that raises money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Cosimo is also actively involved in minor hockey, his childhood love. He has developed his own team called the Filane's Falcons as well as his own hockey organization called Fallen Rock Minor Hockey. Cosimo was tired of watching the problem of only the good players playing and the rest of the boys sit on the bench and watch. He started his own team and association to give the "not so great" players a chance to play and develop in a sport that he loves.

He has also written a novel based on experiences in small town minor hockey entitled You Can't win em All. The novel has gotten good reviews from notables as Don Cherry and Richard Rhomer.

Cosimo Filane resides in Schreiber, Ontario with his wife Diana. Together they have 8 children and 14 grandchildren.



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Filane, Cosimo with the Breakaways