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Creamcheeze Good-Time Band

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Origin: Stratford, Ontario

Canadian band from Perth County, Ontario (their farm was between Milverton and Stratford) formed in 1971. Comprised of siblings Billy Kell, Patti Kell, Jimi Kell who had been performing as a trio under the name The Badgerz since 1965, they added Barbara Payne and Dave Harwood in 1971 to form Creamcheeze. Barbara was replaced by Doug McNaughton in 1972.

As a family affair, they were managed by the siblings' father William Kell, Sr., who signed them with Dominion in 1971 where they released one album (Perth County Green) and two singles (Uncle Jed b/w Perth Country Green in September 1971 and Dynamite But Annie Wouldn't b/w Louisiana Man in March 1972). Both charted with Louisiana Man doing very well in the RPM Country Singles chart.

They moved to MCA Records (Canada) in early 1973 where they would go on to release two singles (Living Without You b/w Redwood Hill in June 1973 and Fleetwood Plain b/w T.O. Lady in October 1973) and another album (Home Cookin' in March 1974). MCA offered one of their hottest producers at the time, Gary Buck, and a strong marketing push but the second single and the album did not chart and they disbanded shortly afterwards. The siblings would continue to work together as Kell.



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