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Bonnier, Bernard

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Origin: Montréal, Québec - Lévis, Québec

Bernard Bonnier had a good time, literally, when he accomplished this atypical and cheerful disc. Casse-tête is a bizarre and enjoyable music world conceived with various percussions and electronic instruments. In 1984, year of its release, five years after its creation, it appeared as quite a foolish records. It may still remains like that today. As some of his contemporaries - Robert Moog, Jean-Jacques Perrey or Raymond Scott - Bernard Bonnier produced strange and funny sounds out of computers and synthesizers in his Saint-Jean Chrysostôme’s studio, Amaryllis. Following the steps of Pierre Henry with whom he collaborated from 1970 till 1975 – he collaborates on “Cortical Art 3” – the composer explores and dares. He composes songs which wobble between the seriousness of his musique concrete education and the playful exploration of the existent possibilities of the musics of his time. Blending field recordings, mid 70’s Quebec Jerk, powerful sense of « dance » music, extra humor and auto derision, he defines his musical language, unique and powerful. The impact of such a hybrid work remains strong for the curious minds despite the passing years. Forgotten by the most, his death in a young age not helping to build his notability, Bernard Bonnier however gave to the world one of Canada most brilliant exploratory records, Casse-tête.



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