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Bouvette, Claudia

Websites:  https://claudiabouvette.com/, https://www.instagram.com/claudiabouvette/?hl=en
Origin: Bromont, Québec, 🇨🇦

Born in Bromont, Claudia Bouvette now lives and works in Montreal. As far back as she can remember, she has always been passionate about music. After a remarkable stint in television (Mixmania 2, Jérémie, etc.), she returned to her first love in 2019 and released the Cool it EP, which features danceable electronic songs that borrows as much from hip-hop as from high-level pop. The influence of Gwen Stefani is noticeable, both in the music and in the way she delivers her message, as much as in her desire for assertion and her raw feminine strength. The eight tracks from the EP catch on as she accumulates streams on various platforms (now sitting at 6.5 million on Spotify and Apple Music). She also strengthens her fan base and subscribers on social media, convinced that beyond the music itself an artist must create a parallel connection with the public, a more intimate, and more personal bond.

The two following years give her the time to perfect her songwriting and music production techniques, thanks to the help of Vincent Roberge (Les Louanges), who advised and encouraged her with her artistic approach. She begins to write more intensively as the pandemic gives her the opportunity to fully devote herself to her work. Both hurt and inspired by her tumultuous relationships of the past few years, Claudia put into words and music her distress and desire to regain control of her life, which would become the core of her forthcoming album.

Along with her long-time accomplice Connor Seidel, she co-wrote and co-produced the vast majority of the 14 tracks that make up her first full-length, The Paradise Club. The duo worked hard for nearly 6 months in order to perfect its style, where electronic and acoustic components meet with pop music. Precious collaborators come to support them along the way, such as Emma Beko, KodakLudo, Les Louanges, Caulder Nash and DCF.

We sense in Claudia Bouvette the fundamental importance of groove. But we can also feel the importance of emancipation and freedom at all costs. Her message is one of openness: to pursue the desire to assert oneself and to express who you are, against all odds if necessary.

What does she love most about music? "Consuming it, discovering it, creating it, letting myself be surprised!" she answers. Perpetually impressed by the power of music, by the strength of this universal and unifying language, she continues to have faith in this luminous art. With The Paradise Club, she embraces her own unique style, unafraid to mix genres in order to better express herself while still maintaining a strong pop sensibility.

Awards & Recognition
Nominated in the category Pop album of the year for The Paradise Club at the GAMIQ (2022).
Nominated in the category BB (Big Business) music video of the year for BBZ at the GAMIQ (2022).
Nominated in the category 100k music video of the year for Solo Night and Douchebag at the GAMIQ (2022).



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Cb credit eleonorecotesavard 6636 1642603038

Bouvette, Claudia


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