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Websites:  https://chakra4.bandcamp.com/album/50-years-later
Origin: Haney, British Columbia, 🇨🇦

Chakra was formed in 1971 by Gary Maclennan and Dave Townson as an acoustic duo in Haney, British Columbia. We played anywhere and anytime we could. As a matter of fact we'd show up at gigs and the proprietors would ask “Where are your amplifiers?”

Well, of course we didn't have any! This led to a string of last minute cancellations so we scraped together what we could and rented some gear. Finally the penny dropped and we realized it was time to expand and add a rhythm section (i.e. bass and drums). This led to a string of engagements province wide in British Columbia. After a few short years we disbanded and all went on to pursue various life styles and careers.

The band disbanded in 1975.

Reunited remotely in 2021: Well it's 50 years later and we're back rockin' 'em in the aisles once again with some tunes that were written by the band back in the early 70's. We are adding some more recent offerings too so keep an ear out for them as they filter onto the list.
-David Townson

Current lineup:
Big Steve Agasse: keyboards, vocals
Big Larry MacDougall: drums
Big Gary Maclennan: guitars
Big David Townson: production, guitars, keyboards, vocals

Former Members:
Lorne Boyle
Galen Cloutier
Terry Johnson
Ken Pailunga
Rod McPherson
Marv Prest

Road Crew/Support:
Shane DeWalt
Morgan Griffiths
Mel Horwood
Bob Long
Frank Nipius
Rick Rooney



000 final front cd cover chakra



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