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Origin: Montréal, Québec

Proudly Québécois, Forteresse were formed, on what founding memebers Moribond and Athros claim is an irrelevant, day in 2006. After signing to Québéc based label Sepulchral Productions, they released their debut album Métal Noir Québécois in the December of 2006. The band say of this album ‘Metal Noir Québécois stand as a homage to ancient traditions and to all those that long to see the banner of liberty rise at last. PATRIOTIC, EPIC BLACK METAL.’ This is something of an indicator of as to their views. Even the album cover, which undoubtedly some of you thought odd upon first viewing is of, has the photo of renowned violinist Joseph Allard, who, yes you guessed it, was from Québéc. On top of this, 3 of the 5 tracks start with samples of folk music from Québécois musicians, included the aforementioned Joseph Allard.


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