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Caron, Estelle

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Origin: Hull, Québec

Estelle Caron is a Quebec singer and actress, born in Hull on 30 December 1926 and died on 20 April 2010.

Caron started as an actress Estelle Station CKCH of Hull (now Gatineau). In 1949 , she met the composer Pierre Petel, who introduced the world of Radio-Canada, where she was quickly hired as a singer in various radio shows in Montreal. Additionally, she played as an actress in some soap operas.

In 1952, Estelle Caron of record became the singer of the popular show The Merry Troubadours. She worked with Jean-Maurice Bailly and Gérard Paradis, among others.

Her spouse, Jean Larose, had a career as a pianist. They had two daughters.



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