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Tamashiro, Tim

Origin: Calgary, Alberta

Tim Tamashiro is best recognized as one of Canada's most endearing jazz vocalists with five albums and 25 years of performances from coast to coast. This brought him to CBC Radio 2 as the host of Tonic where he leads listeners through thoughtful stories along with the greatest jazz Canada and the world has to offer six nights a week.

Tim focuses his energy everyday on the value of being "a different." It was Tim's "differents" that led him to jazz. Your differents are your only real true north. Where will they lead you? Trust and use your differents everyday or someone else could point you in the wrong direction.

Growing up as a skinny Japanese kid in Blackfalds, Alberta, Tim learned early that being different was something very special. Nobody would have guessed that Tim would grow up to work for a major record label, record five albums, sing for Queen Elizabeth or take the air on CBC Radio. But all these things did happen despite his lack of formal education. Instead, he trusted his differents and they have delivered him to where he is today.

Tim has always focused on his differents. They inspired him to sell 20,000 CDs to La Senza Lingerie and they also led him to play the noseflute (on the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics no less), strum the ukulele and to sing at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Tim also helped launch Baconfest Canada in Calgary.

Life is an adventure. We all have our own Everest to climb and for Tim it's called being happy and fulfilled everyday. Your differents can make a huge impact in your life but first you have to love yourself enough to raise your hand and tell the world, "I'm a different."



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