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Origin: Moncton, New Brunswick

This is the Rick White who is the Elevator, and the Eric's Trip, and the Unintended. The Rick White Album real time biographer. The little room to, through and beyond hell. The Sightseer project, perplexis and the such. Lately i am having much comforts with just being lost in the woods. Isn't it good? And since i am now slightly learned of computering, i've decided to play along with it all for a bit. I'd like to use this myspace thing as a living, evolving, devolving kind of art display. Recording songs and paintings are the main methods i use to document my life. They're all very personel and i don't part with any very often. I use them mainly for a kind of meditation and documentation. Like a diary of my subconscience. I've done some other painting for friends and their album covers, but usually they're just done for me. I like to document the moments as they happen, the moment of clarity without planning. I feel i must finish each project start to finish before sleeping. I don't like to change channels till they're done. This has taught me to trust instinct, and create freely, creating a kind of Tarot for myself. It has also kept me awake for 3 days straight several times. It may seem self-centered but i feel it's really important to explore yourself to the deepest possible, and most every aspect of my life is treated as an exploritory surgery. We are all most easily accessed by ourselves after all. I'm not sure why i feel the need to share this all with others though, i guess just to comunicate with like minded souls and to share ideas through ideas, pictures and music. I've already met some great people, and hope to meet more in this giant non-invasive perfect for hermits world of myspace nonsense. Thanks for checking my page out, i'll be changing the songs pretty soon and i'll put up different paintings now and then. If you're into any of the bands that i've been in or am in, check the TOP FRIENDS below for pages that get personally updated regularly and also have lots of photos, art and changing songs.



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