P.U.C.K. (Previously Unknown Canadian Kids)

Websites:  https://www.youtube.com/@thepuckcrew, https://blocsonic.com/artist/puck
Origin: Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, 🇨🇦

P.U.C.K. (Previously Unknown Canadian Kids) was formed in August 1995, when Pot-C (then How Now Lau), Cheese (then DJ Murtle MC) and Long John decided it was time for a crew name for their expanding roster. Currently referred to as the P.U.C.K. Cru, they are originally from the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia, Canada. Cheese N Pot-C started their hip-hop experiments in Port Coquitlam and Long John had moved into Vancouver from Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Cheese N Pot-C had a few homejob cassettes circulating before Pot-C met Long John when they were both working at Sam The Record Man in 1994. Long John made his first appearance on How Now Lau & DJ Murtle's 'Hey, It Rhymes' (Jan 1995) album and then continued with feature appearances on their following albums - 'Pant Legs & Left-Sides, eh?' (Feb 1995) and the two hour double cassette - 'Bus Ride' (May 1995).

From then until January 2001, the cru had recorded and released dozens of projects, including solo and spin-off albums. During that time the roster included: Spanish Fly Girl, DJ Qwest, Ramsay, Relikz of Verse, Kenny-K, Tha G.M.C., Pee Wee, Herbal-T, Intellect, Yuk MC, DJ Beasley, Tha D, Drunky Brooster and Tha R. Spin-off crews included: Dah Rubbeez (Kenny-K as Rubbee Q, Pot-C as Rubbee Rokk and Cheese as DJ Murtle), Goon Show (Pot-C and Long John), The Suburban Banditz (Pot-C, DJ Qwest and Pee Wee), Krazy Shitz (Yuk MC, Cheese N Pot-C)

Highlights from that era include: "Fuck, Gary Bettman" on PUCK ROCK Volume 2 (Sudden Death Records) and "Unsigned Hype" on The Canadian Indie Boxset (Meathead Records) which also received 3 mics from the Source. The cru were also part of the annual Canada Day Pit Party line-up in Campbell River B.C. from 1996-1999 and played at Hockeypalooza at the Starfish room in Vancouver with the godfather of Canada's punk scene - DOA frontman Joey 'shithead' Keithley along with Ted, Royal Grand Prix, JP5, Swank and members of The Hanson Brothers. They played at Hoodstock in New Westminster, B.C. with Ghetto Concept, Ndidi Cascade, Land Mindz and more. They also opened for Dayglo Abortions in Campbell River, B.C.

In December 2001, the cru debuted as a full band, instead of just a hip-hop unit relying on sampled and drum machine tracks. The 'live band' version of the cru includes: Long John on lead vocals, Cheese on co-lead vocals and turntable duties, Tha D on Bass, Kenny-K on drums, Tha R on guitar and Pot-C on co-lead vocals. Herbal-T was also part of the original band roster on guitar until he moved to Taiwan.

The cru now only gets together for a gig every couple of years in Vancouver, as Cheese N Pot-C currently live in Japan working on music projects of their own. In April 2002, Pot-C had a track titled "Shotgun" under the P.U.C.K. Cru banner on a compilation titled Progressive Hip-Hop (Sony Records Japan). Pot-C returned to Vancouver from 2004 - 2008. During that time, he was the dj for the metal group Splatter and started a new group - dead prezidentz choice - with T-Pick and D-Ranga (ex drummer for Splatter, Abuse, Tyrant's Blood - currently in Crackwhore). Pot-C and Long John also formed yet another spin-off 'Da Molsen Twinz'.

Then back in Japan, Cheese N Pot-C started the groups Axis Of Evil, D3Z'z and OG3 as well as continuing to record and perform as a duo. In 2007 - 2008 they released some projects through the netlabel, Random Flow, which only lasted one year. They were then approached by another netlabel, blocSonic, in 2014. Since then, they have released over 10 albums through blocSonic and brought along the D3Z'z, the P.U.C.K. cru, Krazy Shitz and Yuk MC. They have also worked with many of the artists on the label, including the Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D's virtual rap squad - The Impossebulls. Pot-C and the chief architect of the Bulls, C-Doc, even have a duo - The Cassette Tape Bandits. C-Doc has also enlisted Cheese as his go-to studio session dj for albums from artists such as Daddy-O of Stetsasonic, Blak Madeen, Chill Rob G and Public Enemy.

In 2021, the cru released their first album in over 20 years titled, 'MAPL Theory'. Pot-C made it back to Canada in 2022 to give it a mini Vancouver Island / Lower Mainland tour with Long John. It can be downloaded for free - right here : https://blocsonic.com/releases/puck/mapl-theory




P.U.C.K. (Previously Unknown Canadian Kids)


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