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Pringle, Peter

Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Peter Pringle. Singer-songwriter, composer, actor, thereminist, b Halifax 7 Sep 1945. He studied at the University of Toronto . At age six, he was a soprano in the Canadian Opera Company 's Children's Choir . He then visited Europe and the Orient, where he studied the sitar with Ravi Shankar, before submitting his songs to Brian Aherne who introduced them to Anne Murray . She recorded several, including "Please Don't Sell Nova Scotia", "Drown Me" and "Honey, Wheat and Laughter", and hired him as a backing vocalist. Other singers, like Mary Travers, also began to perform her songs.

Pringle is one of the few Canadian singers to have a career in both English and French. In 1975, Aherne invited him to record his songs at Warner Brothers, in Los Angeles. His participation in numerous television programs made him known to the general public. He composes half of the songs on his 33 rpmRain Upon the Sea(nineteen eighty one). “I Could Have Been a Sailor”, “You Really Got Me Needing You” and “It Just Occurred To Me” are very successful. Pringle also recorded a French version of the latter which sold more than 25,000 copies and remained at the top of the charts for several weeks. He was nominated for Juno Awards in 1978 and 1982.

In 1987, he wrote the playNoel Coward: A Portrait, performing the title role at the National Arts Center in Ottawa , the Charlottetown Festival and the Bathurst Street Theater in Toronto. Subsequently, he participated in the showThe Secret of the Song of Songs, for which he wrote the music. Pringle is also composing the music for the film.Selling Out(by Milos Forman) and the musicalOff Off Broadway. He hosts several television shows such as the Miss Canada Pageant and Pringle, on the TVA network. Based in Toronto for several years, he settled in Montreal. In 1996, Pringle left the popular music business. He learns to play the theremin (an electronic instrument that the musician does not touch; he uses radio frequency oscillators, an antenna and loudspeaker amplification). He often plays this instrument, for example, with the Montreal Chamber Orchestra and makes recordings.


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Peter pringle squared for mocm

Pringle, Peter


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