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Origin: Toronto, Ontario, 🇨🇦

When the band The Five Shy was dropped from Columbia Records, the remaining members formed Manchild. The band was signed to Yorkville Records – with Amesbury leaving for his own solo deal. Manchild was pushed in the initial CanCon radio blitz after legislation had changed and released “Sitting In a Pool of Music” backed with a remake of The Mandala’s “Love-itis” on Yorkville Records. The group would also back Bob Bonnell under the name Oberon (also on Yorkville Records); Pinhorn would later join Brutus and Downchild Blues Band; Carty now performs with the Toronto Soul Revival; Kimmel left the music business and opened a Toronto flower shop called Triffids.

Ken Carty: guitar
Jack Flynn: drums
John Kimmel: vocals
Dennis Pinhorn: bass
Lorne Whitby: keyboards
John Shand: guitar
Bill Amesbury: vocals

Compilation Tracks
1972 “Sitting In A Pool Of Music” on ‘Concept’ (Concept 376) PRP-171



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