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Nomads (aka Lennie Richards & the Nomads)

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Origin: Edmonton, Alberta

The Nomads were originally formed in 1958 by Bob Weldon Clarke and can be considered as one of Edmonton’s first big rock bands. As quoted by Bob Clarke: " I got started in 1958, after I got out of the Air Force. Wes Dakus had his band and I had The Nomads. They were big bands. I had a nine piece. We could play almost anything. We only had one singer, so we did maybe four or five instrumentals and then one vocal."

Lennie Richards was the bands original lead singer. Although the Nomads and the Rebels were in competition, band members switched back and forth frequently, so it is hard to keep a chronological order. In 1964 they underwent several band member changes and are referred to as the Nomads second edition. Suffice to say that the Nomads were important members of the Edmonton rock and roll scene in the 60s. In 1966 they recorded their first album in Toronto and Edmonton. They had radio success with such tunes as Cry Baby, Bittersweet, and Walking Mary Home.

The original Nomads disbanded in the late 60s as members pursued other careers.



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