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Soundtrack, Television, Musical, Theatre - Now That April's Here: Composed and Conducted by John Bath

Format: LP
Label: Quality V-1620
Year: 1958
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: theatre, Soundtrack, Musical, Television
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
Now That April's Here
Silk Stockings
The Rocking Chair

Side 2

Track Name
The Rejected One
Sick Call
Now That April's Here (End Title Music)


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One of the first traditional Soundtrack for Canadian film, recorded.

composed by John Bath
recorded at Toronto Sound Studios.

The stories of Canadian author Morley Callaghan provide the source material.

"Now That April's Here" has four stories "Silk Stockings", "The Rejected One", "A Sick Call", "Rocking Chair". Set and shot in Toronto, veteran actor Raymond Massey provides the opening narration, and the film's fine music score is by John Bath. the debut project of Klenman-Davidson Films, a joint venture by NFB veterans Norman Klenman and William Davidson Barely exhibited

Upon its release, "Now That April's Here" was a sadly neglected little movie, a rarity deserving resurrection. Klenman-Davidson (and many of the key crew members that worked on APRIL) made one more try at kick starting an English language feature film industry in Canada, making the motorcycle drama"Ivy League Killer"

Beth Amos, Josephine Barrington, Sheila Billing, Katharine Blake, Don Borisenko, Rolf Carston, Anne Collings, Fred Diehl, Pam D'Orsay,
John Drainie, Nancy Lou Gill, Tony Grey, Alan Hood, Art Jenoff, Michael Mann, Raymond Massey, Walter Massey, Paisley Maxwell, Kathy McNeil, Alan Rose, Georges Toupin, Judy Welch

"John Bath, who then lived and composed in Canada, is the son of the famous British film composer, Hubert Bath. John Bath was born in London in 1913, and grew up in an atmosphere of music and motion pictures. He started film work at the old Gaumont-British studios. Since that time he had worked as composer, music editor and music director on over 150 films. Previous to his work on "NOW THAT APRIL'S HERE", he scored two features for Regal-Fox, "Flaming Frontier" and "Wolf Dog", American productions filmed in Canada."


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