Jimmy dale adventure soft and groovy front


Dale, Jimmy The Adventure - Soft and Groovy

Format: LP
Label: CBC Radio Canada LM 40, Capitol SN 6290
Year: 1968
Origin: London, England - Toronto, Ontario
Genre: jazz
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Jazz, 1960's, CBC Radio Canada LM Series


Side 1

Track Name
Bye Bye
I Should Care
Night Song
Norwegian Wood
You’d Better Love Me

Side 2

Track Name
Cidade Vazia
Here, There, And Everywhere
Music To Watch Girls By
The Look Of Love



the Jimmy Dale Adventure - Soft and Groovy

Jimmy dale adventure label 02

Jimmy Dale Adventure-LABEL 02

Jimmy dale adventure label 01

Jimmy Dale Adventure-LABEL 01

Jimmy dale adventure soft and groovy front

Soft and Groovy


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Groovy Canadian-only Capitol/CBC co-production instrumental LP featuring the talents of Guido Basso (trumpet), Ted Roderman, Rob McConnell (trombone), Jerry Toth, Moe Koffman, Eugene Amaro (flute & sax), Peter Appleyard (percussion), Ed Bickert, Jim Pirie, Sonny Greenidge, Lenny Breau (guitar), and Jimmy Dale (organ, leader, and arranger). Killer LP end-to-end with strong Brazilian and Beatles selections… Wow, great version of Milton Banana's "Cidade Vazia", you never see this! Great jazz bossa big band!

Eugene Amaro: Flute, Saxophone
Peter Appleyard: Percussion
Hugh Barclay: Percussion
Mary Barrow: French Horn
Guido Basso: Trumpet
Walter Bebiak: Strings
Ed Bickert: Guitar
Gary Binstead: Bass
Lenny Breau: Guitar (Tracks 2, 4, 9, and 11)
Jimmy Dale: Piano, Organ
John Duncan: Harp
Sonny Greenwich: Guitar
Ron Hughes: Trombone
Don Johnson: Trumpet
Moe Koffman: Flute, Saxophone
Ron Laurie: Strings
Rob McConnell: Trombone
Jack Neilson: Strings
Bernie Piltch: Flute, Saxophone
Jim Pirie: Guitar
Marcel Ray: Strings
Howie Reay: Drums
Bill Richards: Strings
Ted Roderman: Trombone
Stan Soloman: Strings
Jack Taylor: Baritone
Jerry Toth: Flute, Saxophone
Erich Traugott: Trumpet
Don Whitton: Strings
Cornelius Ysselstyn: Strings


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