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Vladimir The Horrible (Little Putler) - Destroy The World

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Label: Z Putler The Horrible путлер ужасный
Year: 2022
Origin: Destroy Everything, Russia
Genre: Murder & Mayhem
Keyword:  Small Penis Syndrome
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Tchaikovsky - The Flight of The Swans Ryder Kill Putin Mix
Boney M - The Cray Crazy Putin Song
Song For The Russians - Ukrainian Patriotic Song
Ras - Fuck Russia
Red Army Choir - Kalinka Ryder Kill Putin Mix



Vladimir The Horrible (Little Putler) / Destroy The World


Vladimir The Horrible (Little Putler) / Destroy The World

Putler nose

Vladimir The Horrible (Little Putler) / Destroy The World

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Vladimir The Horrible (Little Putler) - Destroy The World

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Vladimir The Horrible (Little Putler) - Destroy The World

Putin carroussel nov 14 2022

Vladimir The Horrible (Little Putler) - Destroy The World

Putler squared

Destroy The World



Putin has disrespected, Russia, Russians and humanity and needs to be killed.

The Cra Crazy Putin Song
There lives a certain man in Russia, don't you know,
Thinks he's big and strong, in his eyes a crazy glow.
Most people look at him with terror and with fear,
But to Ukrainians, he is someone they'll endure.
He can talk of justice and of freedom,
Full of liberty with fire.
But he also is the kind of creature
the world knows is a liar

Cra crazy Putin,
Lover of Soviet regime,
There is a bat that really is gone.
Cra crazy Putin,
Russia's crazy war machine.
It is a shame how he carries on.

He rules the Russian land, never mind the Duma.
When he wants a piece of land, he will just declare a war.
In all affairs of state he is the man to please.
If you think otherwise, you'll be jailed or disappear.
He pretends that he is no invader,
Though we've seen the things he's done.
Biden only said he was a killer,
But he's just llike Genghis Khan.

Cra crazy Putin,
Wants to take out Zelenskyy,
But he can't beat the hero with brawn.
Cra crazy Putin,
Wants to have a blast in Kyiv,
It is a shame how he carries on.

[But when he's invading and bombing, and his hunger for power became known to more and more people, the demands to do something about this outrageous man became louder and louder.]

"This man's just got to go", declared UNSC.
But what's the fucking point when he vetoes things with ease?
No doubt, this mad Putin has lots of nuclear wow,
He's a brute, he's a brute, we have got to stop him now.
Then it dawned on men of Western standing -
Just the sanctions won't work.
Back down, back down, they kept on demanding,
Or we'll seize some oligarch's yacht

Cra crazy Putin,
Lover of Soviet regime,
He's gonna start the Third World War.
Cra crazy Putin,
Russia's crazy war machine,
The world's uniting like never you saw.
Cra crazy Putin,
Gonna meet his fate like Rasputin,
If he won't quit they'll want his head.
Cra crazy Putin,
Russia's crazy war machine,
Even the Russians don't want it, DICKHEAD!

[Oh, we Russians!]

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski has challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to a "single combat" in the ring "if he is a man" in an interview with French television.

"A man, if he is a real man, when he wants to send a message to someone or if he wants to beat him up, he does it without resorting to the services of an intermediary (...). If I had such a message to convey to Putin, I would do it alone," Zelenski said in an interview broadcast by French public television LCI.

The Ukrainian leader has said he is ready to fight in "single combat" with Putin "starting tomorrow". "But this would be the last summit of President Putin," he has joked.

Zelenski thus responds to the information that has been circulating about the order to kill Zelenski that Putin would have given to the president of the Russian region of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadirov, shortly after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, last February 24.

Zelenski has also raised the possibility of Putin's death as a way to stop the war. "When a person dies, all the institutions stop", said the Ukrainian president.

For Zelenski Putin's strategy is comparable to that of Nazi Germany. "Russia has not started a new form of war. It is doing what Hitler's fascist regime did," he said, referring to the Russian bombing of civilian infrastructure to provoke panic among the population.

As for Russia's threats to use nuclear weapons, Zelenski stressed that it is "a sign of weakness", of "mental disorder" and of "medical problems". For him "only the sick, absolutely sick, could take such a step".

Zelenski also referred to the more than two million Ukrainians who have been deported to Russia since the beginning of the invasion, many of them children.

"We have impressive figures. We are talking about 50,000 to 200,000 children, of whom we know the details: names, dates of birth, and so on," he explained. Questioned whether they left Ukraine on their own volition, Zelenski assured that "many are hostages today".



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