Judy ginn the good life ctl paragon als 227 front


Ginn, Judy - The Good Life

Format: LP
Label: Paragon ALS 227, Canadian Talent Library
Year: 1969
Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba - Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: jazz vocal
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  http://www.judyginnwalchuk.ca/index.html
Playlist: Jazz, Manitoba, Canadian Talent Library, 1960's, Bellwether Lassies


Side 1

Track Name
So Long Dearie
Too Late Now
The Good Life
I'll Walk Alone
Come Back to Me
As Usual

Side 2

Track Name
Other Side of the Tracks
Until it's Time for You to Go
As Tears Go By
What Did I Have
Big Spender


Judy ginn the good life ctl paragon als 227 back

Ginn, Judy - The Good Life

Judy ginn the good life ctl paragon als 227 front

The Good Life


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Born in 1945 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Judy Walchuk (Ginn) started traveling at the early age of four by moving to Vancouver in 1949. At the age of seven, Judy commanded a presence that even adults many years her senior could not match. Judy made one of her first appearances on the Glenburn Dairy talent show on CKNW and was ‘discovered repeatedly’ captivating audiences at the renowned Kitsilano Showboat throughout 1952.

Still in her teens, the early 60’s found Judy hitting the airwaves on CBC Radio and Television in Vancouver and Toronto. Venturing out on her own in the late 60’s Judy started touring across Canada performing at many of the grand hotels and supper clubs under the name of Judy Ginn for ten years. In 1969 Judy recorded her first album “Introducing Judy Ginn” for RCA and later Judy formed a duo with her brother Jim Walchuk, writing their own material and touring with a five-piece band throughout Canada performing in hotel lounges. .. ..Always the consummate performers, Judy and Jim starred in their first CBC television series in the 70's, a musical variety show titled…you guessed it… “Judy and Jim.”


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